The internet is humanity's nervous system, yet more than four billion people lack reliable access. Project Seed is a small step towards creating a distributed network that empowers local communities with the benefits of the internet.

How it works:

Seed is an off grid web server configured as a wireless access point. Anyone within range (approx. 350 ft.) can access Seed on either their mobile or desktop computer. Seed is mounted with a TB of local storage filled with meaningful information for Wikipedia, MIT Open Courseware, 'Free the Children' PDF's and health information.

Seed also hosts local applications as it's a full functioning LEMP server (Linux, Nginx, MySQL, PHP). Seed Chat is the first deployed application. It can be used as both a general public forum as well as an emergency communication tool during natural disasters.

Hardware: Raspberry Pi, long range wireless antenna, 10,000mAh battery, 1TB external hard drive and various other components required for initial configuration.

Further development:

The obvious next steps are to scale up the servers, extend the range and form mesh networks between nodes. We're hoping to deploy a Seed soon.

Knowledge is power.

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