Post the development of this application, internally at our organization we are using a version of this application for project proposal estimation. We believe this is a great accomplishment as we are saving a great deal of time by using this application.


In a bid to improve productivity, we set out to identify a list of mundane activities that consumed the best of our productive time.

We identified project estimation as one of the tasks that were not only repetitive but also one that had the potential to save time consistently if automated. So this time instead of setting out to do a quick fix, we built an automation tool capable of getting this work done in less than 20 minutes.

What it does

This application is responsible for accurately estimating the total people, cost and time for a project proposal. The estimation accounts for each element required for the project and determines a project’s budget both in terms of timeline, cost, and resource availability. An initial project estimate can determine whether a client greenlights a project.

How we built it

This application is entirely developed in Appian. We took advantage of the new current features in a way that we create a cool and -easy to use- application.

Challenges we ran into

One of the most difficult challenges we ran to was to develop the logic behind a project estimation because nowadays there are many approaches and we had to think of a way that allows us to calculate accurately the cost of a project by taking into account many different factors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to develop a full application in less than one month. Proving that we have learned plenty of this low-code-platform and that each one of us is a good asset for the team.

What we learned

By developing this application, we learned how to use new features in Appian but most importantly this allowed us to improve our skill as Appian Developers by applying Appian good practices, creating complex expression rules, designing some out of the box interfaces, etc.

What's next for Project Estimator

We can improve the current DB scheme to make it more flexible and be able to add other factors or even other ways to estimate a project.

Built With

  • appian
  • sail
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