During my past several hackathons, I had reused technologies I was familiar with, and I wanted to use Hacklahoma as an opportunity to try something different. I built my first-ever website and used echoAR, which I had encountered at a few previous hackathons, for the first time. I combined the retro theme with my personal fondness for the vaporwave aesthetic and my interest in expanding my horizons. I borrowed inspiration for the name from a popular subreddit dedicated to historical photography.

What it does

The Android app component of the project, available for download here, scans a marker image from the website,, and presents a historical picture. Then, using echoAR, text describing the significance of the image appears in the augmented environment.

How we built it

I used my basic knowledge of HTML from an online course in middle school (how's that for retro?), combined with a few tutorials from W3Schools, to build the website. I secured a domain from and an account on a hosting website. I used Vuforia and Unity to build an Android app to recognize the images on the website, and I used echoAR to display the text over the images (using the same image recognition, but without developing a separate app, and instead using echoAR's native capabilities and the phone's camera). For additional retro flair, I drew the images by hand, emulating the colors and patterns typical of the 1980's-esque vaporwave style. The music used in the demo video was sourced from here, the vaporwave text from this generator, and the gradient from this site.

Challenges I ran into

I had issues figuring out how echoAR worked despite attending the workshop, since the documentation was not as extensive as I had hoped. It also took me a significant amount of time to build even a rudimentary website, as I had only used drag-and-drop options in the past, and had never scripted one myself.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was proud of myself for building a fledgling website and for learning how to use echoAR to some extent. I enjoyed pushing myself to learn more skills during this hackathon rather than focusing solely on competition.

What's next for 【old school cool】

I'm interested in expanding the website and adding more historical events and information. Perhaps including an interactive AR timeline?

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