The Professional Handicappers League is the global leader in both Handicapper Documentation and Winning Expert Sports Picks. Additionally, sports bettors will find the tools, articles and libraries to assist them in doing their homework and becoming better sports handicappers themselves. Here are just a few reasons the sharpest bettors in the world rely on the experts and resources at The Professional Handicappers League to help them beat the books.

The Professional Handicappers League has been operating online for 25 years, winning picks online and providing tools, ratings, articles, sports databases, early and outlaw lines. To our knowledge, no other sports handicapping website or organization has been operating as long. The League established itself online in 1996 and took it's permanent home at in January of 2000. The fraudsters, touts, hucksters, fakes and other churn and burn operations rarely last more than a few years, getting as much fast money has they can before fading off into the sunset. We are approaching our 20 year anniversary. We've stood the test of time. We've been here for 25 years and will be here for 25 more and more again.

Once Handicappers submit a pick, the pick is submitted and they have no more control over it. Further, all picks submitted by League Members are time-stamped and displayed to the public at midnight EST every night. We take these extra steps to ensure there is no after-game manipulation of our selections to falsely inflate handicapping records. To our knowledge, is the only handicapping service that discloses all selections at midnight of each game day - we have nothing to hide.

The Professional Handicappers League at grades and ranks all handicappers on one-unit plays per selection. We will not allow our expert handicappers to pad their records with multiple unit wagers , parlays, teasers, ridiculous money lines, doubling-down money management tricks or point buying schemes. All games by all handicappers are held to the exact same flat bet standard. Handicappers who succeed at The Professional Handicappers League are those handicappers who can beat the line. Period. For a detailed look at our grading policy

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