While researching problems that LGBTQ+ people I found out that on average people of the LGBTQ+ community have to travel at least 25 miles to get healthcare. When I found this out, I immediately wanted to create something to help solve this problem. This is when Pridecare was born.

What it does

Pridecare is a website that connects people part of the LGBTQ+ community with doctors. You can either sign up as a patient or a doctor. Once you have signed up you will be redirected to the home page where you can search for doctors (that have registered with our program) that are located in your area. If you click the name of the doctor you can view their profile page where you can see the amount of reviews he/she has, their office location, their email, their specific profession, their phone number and a brief greeting. At the bottom there are two buttons that you can click. The first button that you can click is the email button where it will open outlook and you can easily send an email to the doctor. The second button is a review button where you can write a review for the doctor. Lastly there is a chat feature. This feature's purpose is to allow a easy and fast way for people of the LGBTQ+ community to ask doctor's from around the world questions regarding health.

How we built it

I used Google Firebase to store the data. I used Sublime Text 4 and the languages of code that I used were Javascript, HTML, CSS.

Challenges we ran into

It was my first time using Google Firebase so it was a new learning curve. In addition to that I'm a high school student, furthermore I only learned how to code 6 months ago!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I was able to do so much within such little time and I was able to accomplish all the things I wanted in my program!

What we learned

I learned ALOT more about Firebase. Before this hackathon, I only had a little bit of knowledge about Firebase because no one ever taught me. But this hackathon taught me how to use Firebase effectively. I also learned more about HTML, CSS and Javascript.

What's next for Pridecare

I plan to make this a mobile app for easy use!

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