This years challenge hosted by the city of Munich

What it does

The App combines interactive game with clever guide and useful informations. Imagine, you are walking the streets of Munich and passing an interesting building, statue etc.. With "Pretzel Hunt" installed on your mobile phone, it only takes a few moments to get the important facts and some bonus points - the pretzel points! Pretzel points are given, each time you pass a sight and scan its QR code. You also can take a walk and follow a given route including more stops. For taking the public transport, riding a bike or just walking, you can earn even more pretzel points. In the future you can redeem your pretzel points for cool rewards from the partners of City of Munich.

How we built it

With ReactJs as front-end and java as our back-end with APIs

Challenges we ran into

QR-scanning. There were no react-plugins working correctly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learnt how to work in a team and maintain the good spirit.

What we learned

We learnt more about a new framework and api's.

What's next for Pretzel_Hunt

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