Splitting bills is a pain. We made pretium to explore possible ways of making it easier to split bills.

What it does

pretium allows you to take a picture of the bill or the receipt. pretium then extracts the prices from this receipt. You can then select the prices that you want and request payments from your friends.

How I built it

pretium is an iOS application that is written in Swift. It uses the Tesseract framework to get text from images and the Nessie API from Capital One to mock the transactions between friends.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into many challenges throughout the development of pretium. We spent a large amount of time trying to use the Wolfram API to handle reading the text from the images. We were unable to make this work, which forced us to use another framework to handle the images.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team did not have much iOS experience coming into this weekend. I am proud that we were able to get pretium to the state that it is in now, particularly since we spent all of Friday night and much of Saturday trying to get an image to text API to function, to no avail.

What I learned

We all grew in friendship and in our knowledge of Swift and iOS programming.

What's next for pretium

The next step for pretium would be to increase its integration with Capital One's Nessie API.

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