At PRET A VOIR, supply glasses and sunglasses from the finest brands, including CHANEL, Cartier, Gucci, Tom Ford, Ray-Ban. So, I was knee interested in this project as I'm doing work with different brands glasses which are near about 10K plus right now on the website

What it does

Basically, I'm doing work as the website analyst, so main objective of my job is to do make the website for the fronts end users more users friendly, more accurate and a clear coding structure for the Google and other such a Bing, yahoo crawlers.

How I built it

I start from the website audit, I found some coding glitch and other search engine optimization factors too which leading website push down for the users experience. I also run the deep analysis method to find the inner coding on site error too.

Challenges I ran into

I passed the date through my managing director and our developers for the coding fix

What's next for Pretavoir

Next is the keyword ranking which makes the website more search able and profitable in near future. For more you also can search as Pretavoir sell cheap glasses online.

Built With

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