One of our team members was heading home one day after his exhausting after-school classes, to log into the app of his institute on his tablet, to wonder why there were so many apps performing similar functions, and so poorly. This encouraged him to make something which would help him and his fellow aspirants in their preparation.

What it does

How we built it

Prepto is a cross platform app (Android, iOS and Web) built in React Native. It runs on top of Google Cloud infrastructure. We’re using the Firebase Cloud SDK for JavaScript to handle multiple aspects of the app ranging from authentication and matchmaking to real time databases which provides the user a smooth and seamless experience.

When a user starts looking for a competitor, a new document is created in our ‘games’ collection, and when another user looks for a game in the same subject and topic, we match them with the other one. This matchmaking process is completely handled client-side, because of the amazing Firebase SDK.

Google Cloud allows Prepto to scale easily and reach the masses quickly, in an explosive time where people are increasingly looking to digitize their learning.

Challenges we ran into

The matchmaking system was finicky to implement, so it took us some time to get it going. Implementing different libraries and Firestore with React Native also posed some challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the way we took an old and orthodox concept of classroom study and reinvented it to match the needs of today, where most of us isolated from everyone.

What we learned

We learnt how to use React Native to build a complete project from scratch and connect it with Google Cloud platform.

What's next for Prepto

We plan on taking it even further with detailed analysis for teachers, and adding even more type of questions and collaborating with educational institutions and creating a complete ecosystem for standardized testing.

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