I am an avid movie-goer, but sometimes going to the theater every week can get a little expensive, especially for a student like me. That's why I decided to make Premier Pal, an Android Wear app that makes going to the movies a little less painful on the wallet.

How it works

Premier Pal uses your location and other contextual data using the Google Location and Places APIs to know when you've arrived at a movie theater. It then fetches data straight from Dealflick's servers to offer you available deals on tickets at your local theater.

Challenges I ran into

This was my first Android Wear app that I developed, so one challenge was that I had to quickly become acquainted with the unique, wild world of wearables. One of the main challenges I ran into was avoiding doing too much work on the wearable device in order to optimize for speed and preserve battery life. Because of this, I decided to offload most of the work to the handheld component of the app. However, making this decision introduced some challenges of its own. For example, handheld devices in Android can communicate at most 100KB of data to the wearable at a time, so I had to keep this in mind constantly during development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that I was able to take an idea for an app that I wish I had and made it into something tangible and something that I will actually use!

What I learned

I learned a lot about Android Wear, RESTful web services, and performance testing. I also learned that programming for wearables can be a lot of fun!

What's next for Premier Pal

I plan to include more deals and showtimes in the app and make general improvements to the user experience.

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