Have you ever tried to shop for Shirts and Shoes and couldn't find the ones that fit? or browse movie reviews to see which one you would like to watch? Don't you wish someone just like you can help point the way?

We are now living in a world full of choices and it's hard to find things that align with our tastes, interests, and preferences. With GenomeLink, we can match people with the same DNA to make it much easier to find things we like that can be much more accurate because we share the same genetic makeup.

Genotype is the DNA sequence of letters

Phenotype is the Expression of the Genotype ex. blue eyes and allergies

Prefotype is the Expression of the Phenotype ex. you like scary movies and eat certain foods more

What it does

Prefotype makes it easy to discover preference and interests based on your DNA. After logging in to Prefotype, connect with Pinterest so we can fetch your Pins for matching. Next, connect with GenomeLink to fetch your Traits and Scores like eye colors and sleep duration. Then, an algorithm will Match the Pins AND the Traits/Scores combination to surface only Pins that are relevant. The results are hyper-personalized to you and your gene community so you can Rate and Comment to help each other discover better fitting Pins.

How I built it

Setup Oauth2 to both Pinterest and GenomeLink. Selected 6 traits for the prototype to simplify the matching. Cached the Pins and Traits to a SQL table in order to run the algorithm to return the matched pins. With limited test users, was only able to demonstrate matching with 3 test accounts. UI was tweaked with HTML/CSS to mimic Pinterest experience.

Challenges I ran into

It's difficult to test with 3 genomelink test accounts and also Pinterest only allows testing with the registered dev profile so had to recreate the Pins to pull relevant movies, dresses, and headphones. With 6 traits, the algorithm is already tricky. Staring at the Movie NUN while testing was not easy but I've survived.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Was able to setup Oauth2 using PHP for GenomeLink and Pinterest. Proud of the matching algorithm to filter Pins.

What I learned

There will be hundreds of traits coming so for each category/item like clothes, food, and movies, will need to pre-select the most relevant set of traits to the category. For example, with movies, motion sickness is relevant to filter out Action, Scary, and Loud movies that can cause irritation. Or people with Blue Eyes like Dresses with certain Colors.

What's next for Prefotype

Expand the Pin page to allow for hyper-personalized Comments because this is an important point to connect users with the same DNA. Do more testing with more users.

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