We connect people through prayer.

When times get tough, people often ask family and friends to pray for them. But what if they are not in the habit of praying? Or what if it is something too personal to share with them?

Meet Pray It Forward--a platform that connects people from all walks of life who believe in the power of prayer. Whatever your situation, you can easily find people to pray for you, or if you are here to pray for others, you can write or voice-record your prayer to share with them. And whether you want to stay connected with everybody or only with those who share your beliefs, you will have full control over who is in your network.

Pray It Forward is a simple idea--pray for others, have others pray for you, and stay connected with a like-minded community.

This is just the beginning. With a common platform connecting everyone who believes in prayer, the possibilities with group praying to create a happier world are endless. Stay tuned.

May all be happy.

Our Story

Our story begins at the TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2014 in San Francisco. One of the five team members was facing a problem in his personal life. He was trying to find people to pray for his uncle who was suffering from cancer, but he had a tough time getting help. So we decided to build a product that will make it super easy for anyone to find prayer support. Our simple web prototype of Pray It Forward won two awards:

  • Best Implementation award from Idea Market
  • Most Innovative award from Twilio

After the Hackathon, we heard about the Happiness Apps Challenge, and a few of us decided to continue working on this project. We surveyed hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds who believe in praying, and found that:

  1. People often need prayers, but they are not sure whom to ask.
  2. Some want to pray for others, but they are not sure who needs it.
  3. Many struggle to find time for church, but they do want to stay connected with others who share their faith.
  4. Almost all believe in praying for others, regardless of what the other person's religion is.
  5. People feel happier after praying for someone.
  6. People feel happy just knowing that someone prayed for them, but they would feel even happier if they could actually hear the person praying.

Pray It Forward has been completely redesigned to address the above findings, and will soon be available in Google Play Store. For now, you can download and install the app by following this link on your Android phone: http://goo.gl/YY3xmE


Since prayer is universal, Pray It Forward is not associated with any particular religion. However, we realize that some people would feel more comfortable limiting their activity to only those who share their faith. So, we have designed it such that users will have the option to customize their network based on religion or denomination.

The other challenge was to ensure that people wanting to pray for others are only receiving prayer requests that are relevant to their interests. While one person might be interested in praying for a cancer patient, someone else may be more inclined towards praying about financial hardships. To overcome this challenge, we have built in smart technology which will ensure that people seeking prayers, and people wanting to pray for others, are matched appropriately.

By connecting people through prayer, we hope to make this world a happier place!


Please visit http://prayitforward.co to learn more about our project.

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