PROBLEMS OF EXISTING SYSTEM It takes comparatively more time to process. It requires additional devices for operation. It requires an external clock. Programming for microcontroller 8051 is difficult. For programming, it requires a development system. The circuit size becomes large. PCB making becomes complex, difficult, and tedious.

What it does

PROPOSED SYSTEM We are using the DHT11 sensor for monitoring the atmospheric conditions that are temperature and humidity so that we get accurate results and we can take efficient measures. Our system will be faster and less power consuming. Our system collects the data from the sensor and sends it to the ThingSpeak webserver to maintain the atmospheric conditions of a particular place (warehouse). We can access the data of the atmospheric conditions of the warehouse from anywhere in the world. Our system updates the data from time to time so the user can observe the real-time conditions in the warehouse.

How I built it

DHT11 should detect temperature and humidity properly. Node MCU should give the required outputs on the output port. The alarm lamp glows if temperature and humidity are not equal to the set point. The system should be stable and work properly in the given range of temperatures. Real-time Temperature and Humidity are displayed on the channel of thingspeak server

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This project can be used in Industry as well as at home. To monitor the environments that are not comfortable, or possible, for humans to monitor, especially for extended periods. Prevents a waste of energy when it’s not hot enough for a fan to be needed. To assist people who are disabled to switch on or off the cooling device automatically. The system is used to monitor warehouses containing agricultural goods, dairy products, etc.

What I learned

Learned about embedded systems as computer science student worked on hardware is none other than a high five achievement, also I implemented my c++ skills in this project so I know about how c++ can be used to implemented on hardware too and the main part is with this project I have done my hands dirty with Arduino which is my childhood dream

What's next for Praman - Auto Climate Monitoring System

I can make this system advanced by the use of air quality and gas sensors to monitor major air pollutant like CO2, CO Sensors for monitoring the concentration of pollutants like ozone, Sulphur dioxide, can also be included in the system

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