Practice and case management software provides attorneys with a convenient method of effectively managing client and case information, including contacts, calendaring, documents, and other specifics by facilitating automation in law practices. It can be used to share information with other attorneys in the firm and will help prevent having to enter duplicate data in conjunction with billing programs and data processors.

Designed for firm size ranges from solo practitioners to small and medium.

Features: -- Case Management : Information on all of your cases and matters is accessible through a centralized database; Manages to-do lists; Fast & flexible searching; Conflicts of interest checking; Checks statue of limitations

-- Time Tracking : Records billable time on an hourly, contingent, transactional, or user defined fee individually or firm-wide; Links to time, billing, and accounting programs

-- Document/Contract Management

-- Contact Management: Tracks, logs, and stores details about phone calls. e-mails, and other corresponsdence; Callback reminders

  • Time & Billing:Tracks billable time; Generates client invoices; Links to time tracking and accounting programs; Creates reports for individual billing attorneys.
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