Our Mission is to reach hundreds of millions in the hottest areas of the world, who still don't have access to electricity. The innovative financial tools we have developed enable us to bring a global community together to drive sustainable energy development and make the environmental, social and economic benefits of solar power accessible and affordable for all.

What it does

PowerErn is a platform where anyone in this world can purchase even a single solar cell costing less than 10$, earning a ~10-15% IRR passive income, leasing these cells to high impact communities and institutions at optimal places, giving them a solar plant at no upfront cost and lowering their energy bills.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting selected as a Finalist at the Schneider Go Green 2020: Middle East & Africa Finals Top 5 Startups, In5 Tech for Good, GITEX Future Stars Conference, GITEX Dubai 2019

What's next for PowerErn

With the downfall of Solar Prices there’s an emerging market to facilitate funding for small-to-medium commercial and industrial distributed solar projects for schools, businesses and organisations.

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