NASA Administration likes to use the phrase "the ISS is a testbed for Mars" - and it is. But they never really connect the dots. So, I wanted to read the public data on ISS and Journey to Mars and synthesize sources to draw conclusions on why the ISS is important in our journey to Mars. I figured mentioning potatoes and Mars would increase the interest of the general public because of the movie The Martian.

What it does

it is an informational website

How I built it

HTML, CSS in notepad++

Challenges I ran into

after my previous idea wasn't working out, I needed to do something I could do while sleep deprived... it seems to me that html and css are just about the only things I can complete when tired and at the very least put out something that is working

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The last time I developed in HTML/CSS was 6 months ago, and that was my second time sitting down and developing with it... even though this isn't the best site, it's something I was able to put together quickly and set up to be further developed later on

What I learned

rebecca + sleep deprivation + exhaustion + r = no working project, but I can put together some HTML/CSS no problem while I'm a zombie, but my UX abilities decrease when I'm a zombie

What's next for Potatoes to Mars

Since I'm interning at JSC, I'll be able to show this to my management in the Knowledge Management Group in the Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate. Everything that I've read and tried to do in R will be taken back with me to my internship to work on my data visualization application for experiments conducted on the ISS.

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