We thought that writing portfolios is not a small task, and understanding portfolios with better perspective and understanding can be better than everything else! not just reading plain text of paper, but instead listening it as story, how cool will that be?

What it does 🔥

It basically helps to change the perspective of viewing and understanding a portfolio in a better perspective, it allows users to share posts to motivate other users to have more projects in their portfolio!

How we built it 🏗️

We used supabase, UI/UX, Next.js, Flutter, Rive , Lottie animations and a ton of packages to make this hack, we also used the power of teaming up and time management!

Challenges we ran into 🚫

1.)A lott of errors, there were a lot of errors. 2.)We didn't know how to use supabase, rive or lottie. 3.)Time problems, yes, everyone has that.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🏆

1.)We are proud, we learnt more about supabase, rive, lottie, ui/ux of flutter and more about next.js 2.)We completed our hack on time!!! 🥳

What we learned 📚

We learned a lott, we improved our skills, time management skills, attend workshops like the technical interview one and how to write a resume/portfolio, and lot more things!

What's next for PortTheFolio 📊

There are a lot of things which we are planning on to update:- 1.)Making admin dashboard. 2.)Adding bg musics. 3.)More templates. 4.)Providing users with pdfs 5.)Helping with AI


Built With

  • blahaj
  • flutter
  • lottie
  • next.js
  • power
  • rive
  • supabase
  • team-up
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