It'd been more than a year since I'd last updated my personal website and believed that it was time for a complete makeover. This time I was also inspired by the hackathon to learn something new and with those motivations put together I redesigned my portfolio site.

What it does

Contains essential information about how to contact me as well as a list of featured projects and my past experiences. All created in a website that is highly performant and easily scalable.

How we built it

Used Gatsby and JavaScript for the entire application. Forked a template on GitHub to help quickly get it off the ground.

Challenges we ran into

Daylight savings time kicked in so lost an extra hour of sleep 😴

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of having created a modern and sleek looking portfolio website that will help me stand out amongst the crowd. Excited about being able to continue developing this after the hackathon too.

What we learned

Learned how to use Gatsby for static websites while still leveraging the power of React.

What's next for Portfolio

Add in more projects, more experience and more cool information!

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