After a really long time of brainstorming, it finally came. Also made sure it hasn't been done before.

What it does

It would have had alexa tell you whether a place is busy at a given time.

How we built it

We wrote a python script that would create a response, using google's APIs to figure out how busy the place is and an alexa skill to understand

Challenges we ran into

Alexa skills had no address recognition for uk addresses. APIs would get called up to 1000 times in a test and would result in getting restricted api calls for 24 hours. Wonderful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Did not sleep at all. We worked hard and learnt a lot about APIs and Alexa.

What we learned

Many things about different APIs and alexa's data passing methods.

What's next for Popular times Alexa

Getting a better address recognition, features like saving favourite places, etc.

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