Inspiration.From malayalam ayurveda arogya encyclopedia written by mudhakuzha late sri. govindapanicker. I came to understand pomegranate salad(madala rasayana) is a medicine for dry cough and pneumonia.

What it does..pure pomegranate is high in vitamin C and B5 potassium and polyphenols anti oxidants,it has strong anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial properties.

How I built it.Madala rasayana is making mix of ayurvedic medicine along with pomegranate.I have a thought that perhaps pure pomegranate juice may help my mother's pneumonia. Hospital nurses were doing suction and it was a critical condition .I thought madala salad I couldn't able to give so i thought pomegranate juice may be apt for pneumonia. After permission from doctor i gave pomegranate juice to mother.I gave her two glass juice morning and evening regularly.From 3 pomegranate( average size) we will get one glass pure juice.It is to be noted no sugar no water which give more effective.

Challenges I ran into. when my mother was hospitalised because of stroke and admitted in the intensive care unit from there she caught pneumonia.with concent of doctor I gave her two glass pomegranate juice which is in the morning and evening,after 4 - 5 day her pneumonia was cured. Secondly when my brother was working in dubai he was very much suffer because of dry cough I recommened him to use pomegranate as a medicine.he used this fruit 3-4 days his dry cough cured easily.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of recently I have talked about one ayurveda doctor who have 15 years experience about the medicinal value of this juice which have the power to recover dry cough and pneumonia. He didn't have any aware about the quality of this fruit .Then I talked with him proudly about the quality of this fruit juice and my experience .he told me that I shall recommend to use the patients who is suffering from dry cough and respiratory problems.Really then I have proud about my experiment.My third experiment is that when ever a symptom of cough came1my family members all,I my wife my three children,my old aged mother in law all are using pomegranate as a medicine the next day the symptom of cough will go.

What I learned.From this experiment I learned that pomegranate juice have the quality of clearing the mucus from lungs and the mucus will go through motion(stool).while eating pomegranate or its juice the next day lungs will be more powerful to take long breath.

What's next for Pomegranate juice .

It is my opinion as a precaution, morning and evening use gargling with hotwater mixed with salt and turmeric power for the health of throat,use mask, when ever talking with others keep a distance
of 2.0metre distance.Intermittent hand washing with sanitizer and Drink a Pomegranate juice in the evening to keep lungs healthy. Morning maximum possible breathing exercise should be done.Our governments slogan is this"don't afraid about corona (covid-19)cautious about it."we are keeping 100% precautions about can also possible 100% precaution about it.Be healthy,be cautious, keep simple valuable norms, be happy.

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