After having followed the presidential race closely for the past few months, we thought about making an app that would show the world an equal platform of each candidate.

What it does

This app allows the user to view each presidential candidate and view their issues, sorted in different categories. This is used to easily compare candidates to form an opinion about who should be voted for.

How we built it

We scraped a website that gave us all the information we need, but didn't have an API available. After organizing and sorting the data, we presented the information in a manner that deliver the best possible user experience.

Challenges we ran into

The website was lacking in some ways as it had less info for a few candidates. Scraping the website was also inconvenient but in the end necessary because no API was available.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're pretty proud of the simple design philosophy and the core concept of the app. We truly believe that our app will help citizens make an informed choice in their votes.

What we learned

Designing a data model that works by scraping is much more difficult than one that implements an API.

What's next for Politico

We'd like to work on our design and change our name.

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