Considering the fact that Hillary Clinton was going to run for the 2016 Presidential Election, we were curious about what kind of information we could get from discussions on politics as a whole: that's when we realized we had a gold-mine of political data, where people were freely speaking their emotions and their thoughts.. This gold-mine was Twitter, Facebook- all of social media in general. In order to properly assess the public's opinion of a presidential candidate, we wanted to use three different metrics as described in the indico API: the positivity / negativity of the public perception of politicians, the social issues the candidates were most engaged with, and the candidate's political leanings based on the tone in their text( aka the party whose ideals are most followed by the candidate.) We used a linode server to host the back end of our web app, utilizing node.js and express.js as our programming language of choice to interface with Twitter, Facebook, and Indico APIs. We normalized the metrics from social media to properly represent the corresponding ratios between each measurement, and described each candidate's metrics in a simplistic website. While creating the project, we unfortunately ran into a couple issues with indico api testing. Since the servers were down while we trying to create the analysis networks, we ran into difficulty with assessing various metrics due to the databases's feeds. Furthermore, we ran into difficulty with the interaction between linode and node.js/express.js.

However, despite these challenges, we were able to run the code and analysis that our programs intended. Along the way, we were able to verify our studies and data by our natural intuition, and there is definitely potential in the project. By looking into possible candidates in the future, we may be able to create a much more informational network for people with even just a novel interest in politics.

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