We were playing around with Google Trends data and thought it would be cool to have a hub for political data.

What it does

PoliStat shows how internet traffic relates to candidates. PoliStat also enables users to vote for who they want as president and see how others are voting. Finally PoliStat enables users to post about the election anonymously. So basically PoliStat enables you to see what people are thinking about the 2016 US Presidential election.

How We built it

PoliStat was simple and straight forward to build. It uses embedded widgets made by Google for Google Trends. It also uses firebase to take polling data and handle the anonymous posts. The app is a hybrid app we built using PhoneGap, so it was easy to build and can be made available on Android, iOS, and web.

Challenges We ran into

Finding a way to display our own charts was a bit tricky.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We created a really interesting, informative, and useful app. Our team members feel they would love to use this app after this hackathon.

What we learned

You do not always have to spend all your time hacking to make something really cool and useful. If you know the resources available to you you can create something cool and interesting with little effort.

What's next for PoliStat

We might sell it in the app store, but at the very least we plan to use it from time to time to check up on the election.

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