My name is Emmanuele Leggio and I am the head of a startup project called Polis, the city with infinite space and zero distance. I wanted to get myself an education for a stable future but I could not afford to move out of Italy, I had to move to Switzerland not everyone can do that.

What it does

The reason why distance working and virtual reality have not taken over and people prefer to travel hours to meet face to face rather than using skype or a co working space is because this are lacking in the human contact. We can change that thanks to our unique hardware: the Hemosy VR Helmet. This VR helmet is able to capture the face of the user while offering a high level of privacy in the conversation. The platform starts with the Virtual Campus where students can pass exams with the same rigour and security of a traditional university. This is made possible How the Virtual Campus works: The Campus of Polis is designed to feel and function as a Campus rather than a University. As a result, established universities currently offering services such as online classes or virtual Masters programs will also be able to offer their exams remotely, in a secure and private environment. I am reaching out to you in the hope of finding people willing to invest in this project.

How I built it

The software for face reconstruction is in C# and C++ .

What's next for Polis VR

In the short term we are looking to make a video on how the exams would look.

We are looking for people to help finish the project, and expand the team. We are looking for all sort of skills ( but mostly software engineers to help finish the facial capture ) And risk prove people willing to work in a startup and change the world.

Send your idee, question or join request at :

more info at

ah, we are also looking for money

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