We are inspired about cryptography-based solutions, off-chain solutions, zero-knowledge proof solutions. They are very cool, allowing to do "magic".

What it does

Improving Communication & Infrastructure

The solution continuously checks for "bad" transactions happening in the blockchain, such an interaction with a mixer. Once it finds one, it immediately notifies subscribed smart contracts about such a transaction, providing zero-knowledge proof for transparency and trustlessness.

Solution developed for the Aragon sponsor.

How we built it

Ethers.js + TypeScript for off-chain script, Solidity for smart contracts, implementing Aragon's Oracle standard. It was actually tough. Really tough. It's hard to prove to a contract that a transaction occurred. You need to pass the whole transaction, then serialise. (we did opposite - we pass serialised data which we then deserialise).

Challenges we ran into

Lack of motivation when we thought it was not possible =) However we quickly fixed it by proving it was possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We did what we thought ourselves was impossible.

What we learned

You cannot really serialise a transaction inside a solidity, because the RLP serialisation that takes place is hard to implement there. It's better to deserialise an already serialized message and work our way from it.

What's next for Police Oracle

We would love to find applications in our own projects. It really feels amazing that such an oracle exists now.

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