disclaimer : 1 ) we use Yelp API as an independent contractors ( according to https://en.yelp.com.hk/developers/api_terms), the app was not created by Yelp.com or related to Yelp.com.

2 ) This version is created for Teens, Adults, and Elders; only 13 years old or above can use this application; by opening this application, you agree that you are 13 years old or above. ( Extra age declaration also required before use any feature , before invoke any Yelp API call and also before we save any user preference in local storage ).

This easter, my family of four go travel...

My Mum is over sixty and don't like to use computer or smart phones, she usually did not involve in our trip plan process and just follow us for the whole trip. Can I make her trip more enjoyable?

... things got changed this time, she was so excited talking to her Poke Pet and sometime keep poking the screen for the magic wand effect. She can also search for her favour shops without typing.

(Web Content Accessibility is a hot trend for professional websites to be considerate for minority groups, we designed to add a Voice Avatar Features in order to extend this trend to Mobile Apps. Unlike web, most mobile apps are sandboxed, there are not much plugins can do Text-To-Speech for apps; the responsibility of Accessibility fall onto developers. Although may not support people with complete blindness , voice avatar and high contrast design make it easy to be used by people with poor eyesights. )


they are using the new "PokePet" app.

  • It looking like a Toy world, everything is built by classic toy brick pixel art, recall your childhood happiness long long time ago. (for people at all ages from Teens to Elders).
  • It is personalised, you can select your avatar pet.
  • It is easy to use, with voice guiding and voice input.


  • Can searching for business be Gamified , Attractive and Additive process ?
  • Can Teens and Elder who do not like to type on keyboard search for a local business easily ?

What it does

  • PokePet will listen for your keyword , and help you search via Yelp API
  • (on iOS, the list of words the PokePet knows were come from the list of categories provided by Yelp.com; so its listening is very accurate. )
  • if you want to see the detail, it brings you to Yelp App or Yelp mobile site. ( so you can see maps, write reviews, and share links easily )

Challenges I ran into

  1. training voice recognition
  2. convert Lancelot Lam's color-pencil drawing into toy brick pixel art

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

again, it is a fantastic search experience,

  • It help you recall the joy of playing bricks , and associate it to Yelp and the businesses you find
  • All user interface element are very interactive, with similar concept to the Google's Material UI , buttons will be enlarged during touch, magic effect will follow your fingers, etc
  • Personalised , your selected pet will guide you through the search journey; accompany you everyday.
  • Background music and Animated intro bring you into a game world , yet link you back to real businesses

What's done for PokeYelp ( PokePet for YELP )

  • iOS internal invitation sent to judges (a note about HockeyApp : the link is personalised, must login to download)
  • Android Version was released on DropBox ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ot2he6arjwvsl5/PokePet-release-signed.apk ) for general public, feel free to play with android version first, we are working hard on submit to apple app store.

What's next for PokeYelp ( PokePet for YELP )

  • pass iOS app review and release to app store in April or May
  • Windows Phone Version coming soon
  • Desktop version coming soon

a note about copyright:

  • the Yelp provided graphic such as the Yelp rating stars were used according to the https://en.yelp.com.hk/developers/display_requirements
  • all other graphics are original, we draw by color pencil and photoshop; the design style is completely different from PokeMon cartoon, " more cute and closer to real world animals "
  • the word "Poke" is a normal English word : ref "http://www.dictionary.com/browse/poke" , it ref to the magic effect when your finger poke the screen to interact with this app.

Built With

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posted an update

Google has confirmed we "do NOT have any copyright issue on graphics" but only the name of app impersonate Yelp; we will resolve the copyright issue either by:

  1. after the judgement period, we officially release the app for Yelp.

  2. we can simply rename it as PokePet

----------- google's reply as follow -------------- After further review, we won’t be reinstating your app because it violates our Impersonation and Intellectual Property policy.

Our policy states:

  • We don’t allow apps that use another app or entity’s brand, title, logo, or name in a manner that may result in misleading users. Don’t try to imply an endorsement or relationship with another entity where none exists.

For example, your app attempts to impersonate Yelp.

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