We wanted to build a random funny/interesting image/text generator by pulling the http source from google search but we ended up making a game out of it instead.

What it does

It starts by prompting the user with the starting screen which has a button to start the game and an explanation of the game. It then moves on to the next page when the user clicks the button and randomly generates images consisting of dogs, cats, and Pokemon which affects the score of the user by staying the same for a dog image, incrementing for a cat image, and decrementing for a Pokemon image.

How we built it

We used Android Studio and the repository on Github named Glide to put the URL in to the ImageView. We also hardcoded the images in Android Studio instead of using a database or the Google Search API due to the time constraint and a lack of knowledge.

Challenges I ran into

It was my first time using Android Studio so I was challenged with using the functions in its API. It was also extremely difficult to learn some of the functionality due to its dense qualities but I found it to be extremely useful once I figured out what to do.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of contributing to the making of this program in both the front end and back end. For the front end, I designed the buttons and number scales to make sure it was readable and polished. For the back end, I implemented the buttons, the TextView, and the assignment of the URLs' on to the ImageView with every click the user makes.

What I learned

I learned how to use some functions and syntax of Android Studio to make a working game.

What's next for Pokemon verses Katz

We want to include a closing screen that will show the user's score as well as other high scores, after the user hits -10 points and "loses". Also, we want to add simplistic animations and a plot to the game so the user knows why the Pokemon, cats, and dogs are fighting. There is also some debugging that should be done, such as removing the ability for the same image to come up twice in a row. We may improve the app by adding more play modes and add-ons in the future. This can be done more easily if we implement some sort of google search API, which would also prevent URLs from no longer containing the images that we wanted.

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