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Inspiration: Users miss Pokémon GO News and don't receive them on time

While playing Pokémon GO it's likely to miss announcements or to hear from news right after they have been released.

It's important to receive news on time since often you need to prepare for an event and plan how to approach it.

The official Pokémon GO app itself usually shows news time deferred from their initial release on the official website and popular news platforms need to query the official website regularly to stay on top of things. Additionally to the official news there are also updates that happen in the background of the game e.g. the bi-weekly nest migrations which the Facebook Messenger Bot covers as well through notifications.

It also happens that people discover news or game updates just before a global in-game challenge ends.

=> Pokémon GO News Bot solves this by delivering the latest Pokémon GO news announcements right to your Facebook Messenger Inbox when they are published on the official Pokémon GO Page (

Inspiration: Social & Community Aspects

It's nice to see that the Pokémon GO News Bot leverages and incentivises local communities to engage regularly in online group discussions and (offline) local meetups to discuss and exchange news and experiences in and around the game.

I personally love the fact that it's a conversation starter and a tool to keep conversations in communities alive (Facebook Groups, Forums, Discord Chats, Slack, Whatsapp, online & offline meetups and local communities).

=> Due to these aspects additional features to encourage online group discussions and offline engagement through meetups are being implemented. (see section below: "What's next for Pokémon GO News Bot")

In general it's nice to see that people enjoy the convenience receiving Pokémon GO news in the Facebook Messenger Platform automatically and immediately after their release (and especially not missing them anymore).

What it does

The Facebook Messenger Bot sends you the latest Pokémon GO News right when they are published on the official Pokémon GO Page ( and provides inline browsing support. The bot as well provides notifications about in-game updates like bi-weekly nest migrations. As subscriber you are among the first to receive the latest Pokémon GO News.

The Chatbot also lets you recall the ten latest news articles and browse them inline.

Main functionality: Latest Pokémon GO News, Subscribe to latest news

Additional sections accessible through the persistent menu: Help, Share Bot, Like Page, Share Page

Soon: Link to discuss in your local Facebook Group or Meetup for every Pokémon GO news announcement

What's next for Pokémon GO News Bot

Additional features for online & offline meetups

For every new Pokémon GO news announcement there will be a link to discuss the news in your preferred local Facebook Group (via location based information), Whatsapp Groups, Discord Groups, Slack Groups and web platforms.

Facebook Group Examples:

Global: (900k+ Members) (66k+ Members)

Pokémon GO HongKong: (62k Members)
Pokémon GO Germany: (14k Members)
All Pokémon GO Facebook Groups

There will as well be a link to the closest local meetup (via location based information) to encourage social interaction locally and in-person.

Updates on official news, in-game updates and technical performance

More Pokémon GO related news and features for the Facebook Messenger Bot are coming soon. The technical setup and stack is about to receive updates in terms of performance to keep the user experience smooth.

Marketing & Growth Insights

Listings on bot platforms and continuous social media marketing definitely helps to accelerate social events.

The bot is sometimes featured in the "Discovery" section of the Facebook Messenger App and this definitely helped to spread the word and to target the right audience.

The bot is listed on

How is it built

The app is written in the Clojure programming language and currently hosted on

Pokémon GO Stats

via (Last updated: May 4, 2018)

Key Pokémon GO data points:

Total number of downloads – 100 million (by August, 2017, Google Play market only)

Total revenue – $268 million (by August, 2017)

Average revenue per DAU – $0.25

Percentage of iOS users that do in-app purchases – 80%

Daily Active Users – 20+ millions

Time Android users spend with the game daily – 43 minutes

Three day retention – more than 60%

Gender female vs. men split percentage – 40/60

The App Store rankings – 3 stars

Google Play rankings – 3,2 stars

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