We wanted a fun way to spice up any discord chat with some fun memes. We all have been in servers that die out quickly due to lack of communication so we wanted to create an automated meme sending discord through a bot that runs on We decided to use the because we became inspired to step out of our comfort zones to try a new tool out for the hackathon. Besides a simple random silly meme can really turn one's day around so why not spam your friends and make their day all the brighter.

What it does

It's a way to bring about a little more spice to any discord chat. At specific times as well as during the day, it sends little relevant memes to keep everyone’s spirits up. It’s like a little automated morale booster :)

How we built it

It all began with the creation of a ubuntu virtual machine and creating a docker instance to create a server the can run on. Once we got the server for running, we began configuring the n8n instance to integrate with Discord using the webhook feature.

Challenges we ran into

To begin, it was a weird transition trying to figure out how to collaborate virtually. Our group is located in three different states so working together was a bit harder to accomplish. We are used to in person hackathons so being online presented a new set of struggles. The next challenge we ran into was creating a server. We tried to create a docker instance in a virtual machine and it took about 10 minutes till we realized we needed to have a GUI to be able to run it. Next there was a problem connecting to our server once created. It showed it was able to be connected in the cmd prompt but when actually testing it, it showed as unable to connect in the browser. We learned it would only run on a specific port once we switched around ports. The next hurdle was determining how n8n worked. After a bit of experimentation we managed to get it up and running.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To begin, we learned about how to use None of us in our group has ever heard of this tool until starting this hackathon and what's not to love about learning a new skill? We also sharpened our skills with building ubuntu vms and got a better understanding on how Docker Instance works.

What we learned

The first thing we learned was how to set up a docker instance. We also learned how to use Discord webhooks in unison with n8n to send messages. N8N seems like a pretty fun and easy thing to use, and we would totally use it again for another project.

What's next for Poggers Zone?

Currently, the images that Poggers Zone sends are hard coded into the n8n instance. However, this isn’t very flexible, as I bet after seeing the same “it’s Wednesday, my dudes” meme for a good 6 weeks a lot of people would be tired of it. A dynamic image solution that grabs a random image whenever the webhook runs would be a big improvement, and is planned for next release.

There's a neat presentation for you here:

Built With

  • docker-instance
  • vm
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