Plaza Familia offers a comprehensive Common Core Standard based Bilingual Preparation and Assessments platform.

Our approach to math education is to engage the child with fun and rewarding experiences, offer teachers comprehensive tools to manage the learning process and get the child’s extended Familia involved.

THE FUN: our short bilingual common core standard exercises are fun to do and offer rewards to keep students engaged. Interactive games, videos and eBooks are offered to reinforce the skills.

THE BRAINS: the platform offers in-depth assessments, skills tracking and reporting for individual students. Teachers can quickly view their students performance, generate reports and assign assessments or skill building activities to individual students. There is reporting at the child, class, grade, school, district level and school system level.

THE COMMUNITY: our learning bank crowdsources lesson plans, games, eBooks and videos from our community of teachers, academics, researchers and parents. From math rap songs to math art to crazy math experiments, the learning bank allows users to submit and vote on innovative educational tools. Our teacher review board only allows high quality tools to be displayed. Permissions setting features let parents, teachers and schools limit what learning bank tools children get access to.

THE PUBLISHING TOOLS: our “build your own” game or eBook tools allow teachers to quickly customize interactive educational content to their lesson plans. Parents, grandparents, tutors and advocates for the child can also use our tools to personalize and make them more culturally relevant (e.g., word problems about a child’s holiday tradition with pictures of family members and a parent’s narration). This is all offered in English and Spanish to better engage Latino parents.

THE FAMILIA: our communication tools and resources encourage and support the involvement of a child’s family, tutors, and other support individuals. We offer teacher/Familia communication tools with email and SMS capabilities, child specific dashboards to monitor performance and English learning tools. As mentioned above, our publishing tools also offer a hands-on way for the child’s extended Familia to get involved. The SMS technology ensures that Latino parents are kept informed of their kids progress.

Here at Plaza Familia we believe it takes a Familia powered by a robust technology platform to solve the Latino education gap. We are using the power of community to help the community. Join us at to learn more.

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