NOTE: This app is solely intended for the Samsung Galaxy Note device. PlayCall requires S Pen Galaxy Note functionality to function properly.

Call the game winning play with PlayCall. Draw a winning play for soccer (futbol), football, basketball, tennis, and baseball. Specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen, PlayCall gives coaches the technology to draw that memorable play.

Sports coaches spend hours coming up with game winning memorable plays. Often, this is done on an erasable clipboard where plays are erased forever. With Playcall, coaches can draw, save, and share plays or drills with other coaches and players via sms or email.

PlayCall on the Galaxy Note is a winning combination - perfect for soccer, football, basketball, tennis, or baseball. Sports are televised worldwide and draw a number of international fans. Imagine a championship match where media video cameras are fixated on the coaches during a timeout moments before a crucial play... Millions are spectating from home... The coaches are drawing up their plays using the Pen for the Samsung Galaxy Note.

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