With Earth battling against a number of cruel treatments on it, adding more complex problems to its existing issues will only make it worse. We want to make a future where we wake up and look ahead to live rather than just surviving in a polluted environment. We want to make sure we leave a healthy Earth for the generations coming ahead.

What it does

This project focuses on the production of plastics over the world by countries & industries, waste generated, its effects on environment & living things and solution to counter such problems.

How we built it

We visualized the data using Tableau to compare & observe the trends & similarities between various industrial sectors and much more. We analyzed twitter data to figure out topic of concern for common people by scraping twitter and noted down significant 'statistics from climate change due to plastic' reports and designed our solution to counter such problems by demoing reward loyalty program for recycling waste using Block-chain

Challenges we ran into

Scraping twitter data was quite tedious as twitter is a dynamic page. Finding data from various sources and mapping them. Executing Block chain as we are totally new to it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating End-to-end solution for a problem statement, we are proud of every step we succeeded in.

What we learned

Teamwork, framing a problem statement and reaching its end point & Block-chain.

What's next for Plastic Pollution, Its Effects on Environment & Its Solution

Since this is a prototype, we would like to scale up this to an industry level, where the most plastic waste generating industries accept these solutions and reduce plastic pollution and hopefully reach this to country level.

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