So all of us are transfer students in some way. And we've all had to go through the process of seeing whether our courses would transfer. Also, since college is so expensive nowadays, one has to worry about how one can complete their degree at the cheapest cost possible.

What it does

This website asks a user for what is the course at their school they'd like to take, but at another school. Then it returns a list of schools which have directly equivalent courses and lets the user know how much it'll cost to take the equivalent course at another school versus their own school

How we built it

Used bootstrap,Jquery for front-end development. And for back-end we used java, spring mvc, mongoDB , mySQL, Jersey, Rest. Used Maven for dependency management.

Challenges we ran into

difficulty setting up so many technologies in the project

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully integrated more than 10 technologies within 24 hours

What we learned

Got the first-hand experience of being in a hackathon and spoke with some very nice people.

What's next for PlanYourStudies

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