Pixel Reclaimer

Pixel-Reclaimer is a creative Geo-location based application that incentivizes recycling and promotes traffic to local business.


Inspires by Geo-Location based games like Ingress and Pokemon-Go, along with Reddit's social experiment r/Place.

What it does

Players are awarded an initial amount of "Pixels" and can place them on the global map near their location. Other players can see the pixels placed on the map, and encourages collaboration or competition between communities to create elaborate works of art. Pixels can be gained by using recycling machines and scanning receipts with bar-code signatures, verifying the amount recycled. Business and stores have an incentive to provide recycling machines to increase foot-traffic of players going around to claim pixels and recycle materials.

A picture of the original r/place on Reddit

How we built it

The front-end UI is build using HTML, CSS with BootStrap, and JavaScript. Currently, the application is in a "web-app" based form so it can be used on every platform with a browser.

It implements the Google Maps API sto display a top-down map and write pixels to a grid, and a bar-code-scanner imagine recognition plugin, modified to suit our purposes.

Challenges we ran into

Google Maps API was locked behind a paywall, and suitable alternatives were hard to find and learn.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The bar-code scanner works flawlessly,

What we learned

How to build a web app using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

What's next for PixelReclaimer

Using a cheaper/free alternative to Google Maps, adding "combo" dailies capabilities, and porting to native applications.

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