I've always disliked having to give my credit card to a bartender to open a tab and having to return later to ask to close the tab. There needs to be a more convenient and secure way to handle bar tabs and the mobile phone is a perfect solution.

Pitchr allows you to open, monitor and close bar tabs all through your phone. You can share tabs with friends and have peace of mind knowing that your tab is secure.

Pitchr is built with Ruby on Rails on the backend with iOS and android apps. We provide an easy to implement API that POS systems can integrate with.

The biggest hurdle for growth in this space is having vendors integrate with their current systems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

I would love to continue working on Pitchr to get a production ready version that can be trialled at a bar. I am passionate for this idea and see this as the future of bar tabs.

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