People face common problems daily their daily lives in a myriad of verticals such as where do I get a good electrician from, where is there is best doctor, where can I find a reliable mechanic. Wouldn't it be cool if people going through such problems cold know where . We provide a platform where people can post their problems/experiences in order to help other people not to face those again. Ping Pakistan ensures the anonymity of the users.

People come to PINGPAKISTAN and post their problems faced in a specific organization. This will be very helpful for the people who are about to visit this organization. PINGPAKISTAN is platform independent.

Current stats show that only 16% of our population has internet access and only 8% have smartphones. So, our future goal is to provide different channels to the users e.g.: SMS USSD. PINGPAKISTAN is a phase based solution.

Phase 1: Ping Pakistan for web base users.

Phase 2: Ping Pakistan intends to have coverage range of over 90% of the population who doesn't have internet access and smartphones by using SMS USSD. In this way in the next phase we will expand the outreach of our platform.

Phase 3: Ping Pakistan will be providing RSS feeds to the concerned authorities after acquiring enough data. By using this data we can built predictive models for further business intelligence and resource planing.

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