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Many people on regular prescription medications struggle to remember to take them every day. Missing doses can be detrimental to a person's health and well-being. PillPal is an IOT connected pill box that sends you reminders over texts until it senses that you've opened the pill box and taken your pills. The interface only requires a texting enabled device on the user side, making it usable for the elderly who may not be tech proficient.

Light sensors run from a Dragonboard 401C and into the pillbox. The sensors will tell when the lid of the pillbox has been opened and stop the reminder for that time.

PillPal is run with Twilio and Python 3. PillPal has a simple user interface, allowing for a quick sign-in via text message. New users will be taken to a new user setup menu while known users are taken to the main menu to edit or view their prescriptions and reminder settings. PillPal stores people as objects and their pills as a set of objects. Users can set how often to take the pills and how often to send reminders. Ngrok tunnels to Twilio for processing. For larger-scale production, PillPal would use Heroku instead of ngrok. The program also implements multi-threading to run simultaneous processes to allow scheduled reminders to occur at the same time as the program watches and parses incoming texts.

Our team faced several challenges while creating PillPal. Our original project became infeasible, leading to our team's work on PillPal starting six hours late. As a whole, the team was not experienced with Twilio or Qualcomm devices such as the Dragonboard, which made work on PillPal both a challenge and learning experience. Fighting fatigue in order to write functional syntax and juggling multiprocessing also proved challenging.

PillPal is a useful health application for those taking medication. The use of SMS application makes it accessible to a large demographic. PillPal allows people to spend less time worrying about taking their medications while not letting them forget about them.

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