I often see family members reminding my grandparents to take medication, pills, etc. multiple times a day. Instead of them having to call or send a text, we thought this could be an automated process. While there are apps and built in reminder features to phones nowadays, often times older people will not want to download an app and learn how it works, but they can always see a text notification without any downloads or configuration on their end.

What it does

PillPal is a website which allows users to check their daily reminders, and set daily reminders for other people via SMS.

How we built it

The main page is HTML/JavaScript with MongoDB to store the user information and reminders. The JavaScript uses Twilio to send text messages.

Challenges we ran into

Lots of front end layout debugging when we tried to use ReactJS to make the website, as well as some front to back end integration issues when saving the local and cloud storage.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A decent looking landing page with the ability to send text message alerts to any phone number entered.

What we learned

Lots of JS, how to use Twilio, lots about MongoDB and how to use it for an HTML site.

What's next for Pill Pal

Fix integration bugs, create a more detailed site, perhaps with a login page and a more extensive calendar, and full automation of sending the SMS alerts.

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