Teaneck Piggy Bank We are a group of high school friends who have now separated into our different colleges. We all followed the Stock market separately and knew that we wanted to invest our money as soon as we were legally old enough. We decided to pool our ideas and capital together so we would minimize risk. This way we could always blame our friends if we lost money ;) We have been trading stock for 10 months now and we are up over 15% from when we started!

We do a lot of research and analytics when deciding what to invest in. One way we invest is based off of quarterly company financial releases. When companies release this information their stock can move drastically. Lately we have done very well and we have been pretty accurate when using a formula that we have derived to figure out how much the companies stock will go up or down. As we continue to try this strategy we have gotten more and more selective with which companies we have chosen to invest in. Eventually with more experience our program will be able to tell us weather it passes our standards and will tell us weather we should invest or not.

How we built it

We built our web app with Java script, html and love. We used Cloud9 ( cloud development environment to work together on our web app.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a few bumps along the road, as almost most people do. The challenges we faced servery was processing the scarping web data from various websites to get enough detailed stock information. We did used a great API to achieve some of this, but we could not find any APIs that had all the information we where looking for so we had to resort to scraping the data from websites which was very annoying and inconsistent. Physically we where all very tired throughout the hackathon because of the lack of sleep we have the day before, because of some travel delays.

What we learned

This was two of our members first hackathon! We now have a better understanding of what a hackathon is and how hard and focused we must work if we want to get our hack done! We each learned a lot about developing, using Javascript, new APIs and working as a team on a project like this.

What's next for Piggybank Calculator

While developing the program we realized that we couldn't yet just give somebody else this program. There needed to be explanations of what was going on in the background and what all the financial terms mean. We all believe that just like other subjects, financial literacy and investing should be taught in schools. One path this calculator can go is selling to schools who want to teach people about the marketplace and investing.

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