Phonty Review

This website just wouldn’t be complete without a Phonty review. This program has been called the “Cadillac” of cell monitoring programs because of it’s advanced features. This is one of the few programs that actually allows you to listen in to phone calls with phone tracker to hear the conversations someone is having on their phone. This added feature makes this an extra powerful surveillance tool. It’s a great program, but it’s more expensive than others. The added features add to the cost, but for many people it won’t deter them from buying this powerful program.

boldThings we like about it*bold*

True phone call tapping (can listen to all calls) Complete feature set (text monitoring, GPS tracking, mobile browsing monitoring etc) Can use on any phone BBM message tracking Things we don’t like about it

Steep price Slow response times from customer service Lots of spelling errors on website (I know it’s minor, but there are a lot!)

Phonty Review – The Finer Details With a program like this I want to go through a few different details in this Phonty review. I don’t want to bore you so I’ll get right to the point!

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