The idea is simple. We don't really need a doorbell when all it does is emit noise. Our phones are perfectly capable of doing that. Enter PHONEBELL.

PHONEBELL is a Web App that allows a user to scan a QR code pasted on your door instead of ringing an old last-century doorbell. This QR code contains an encrypted url that interacts with the Twilio API to call or text the homeowner.

Who needs PHONEBELL?

Anyone with a door! The homeowner generates the custom qrcode using our web app, prints it on a sheet of paper, and sticks it on his door. Anyone who wishes to ring the PHONEBELL only needs to scan the qrcode and shazam! The homeowner instantaneously gets a text or a phone call asking him to open the door!

Why is this better than an ordinary doorbell?

For starters, the traditional doorbell is annoying and can be missed easily. Since PHONEBELL directly alerts the homeowner through their mobile device, there is both less wait outside of the door for the visitor and the homeowner can choose to respond quickly.

PHONEBELL is specifically targeted at large homes where it may be hard to hear a doorbell, people who have headphones on all the time, or apartment-dwellers who simply do not have a doorbell in the first place. PHONEBELL also alerts you if you had visitors while you are not at home.

Key Features

  • Custom URL's for each phone number.
  • Printable page generated directly on the website
  • Encrypted communication and privacy - Anyone who rings the PHONEBELL does not receive the phone number of the homeowner!

More to come! Stay tuned!

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