Phone Camera Remote for Gear S, Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo

Allows to control phone camera with SmartWatch.

Do you ever wanted to appear on group photos instead of staying behind camera or look into dark places, where only camera could be placed or spy what your friends are doing, while you are away?

Now you have these possibilities. With Phone Camera Remote you can do this. And even more cool feature will be added with updates.

Phone Camera Remote features:

  • live preview from phone camera
  • camera preview runs even when phone is locked and screen is off
  • take photos remotely
  • video recording remotely
  • phone and gear battery levels are shown during preview
  • switch between available flash modes
  • switch between available focus modes
  • scene mode selection*
  • color effect selection*
  • switch between rear and front camera
  • shutter sound modes: on, vibration, off
  • zoom during preview and video recording
  • picture and video resolution choise
  • guidelines on / off
  • user preferences saving
  • customizable camera settings shortcuts
  • the most advanced gallery with multi select, share and delete features. Shows all images taken with this app
  • gallery images group by date
  • images sharing allows sharing selected images from watch to facebook, instagram, twitter or other favorite apps

How to use:

  1. start app on your SmartWatch
  2. wait till preview
  3. open settings to control parameters of phone camera

    1. tap setting to change
    2. drag and drop setting into one of six available positions (if position is busy, it will be auto cleared before new setting is pinned)
    3. tap delete icon to remove pinned setting
    4. use camera mode button to switch between photo and video modes
    5. use shutter button to capture photo or start video recording
    6. use resolution button to change picture or video resolution
    7. use guidelines button to turn guidelines on / off
  4. tap on screen center to hide settings button and show zoom buttons

    1. use zoom buttons to zoom camera in/out before taking photo or during taking video
  5. after taking photo or capturing video thumbnail will appear

  6. tap thumbnail to open gallery

  7. tap multiselect button to enter multiselect mode or tap on image to open it in single image view

    1. in multiselect mode it is possible to select multiple images and share or delete them (note: before deleting, confirmation will appear)
    2. in single image view swipe right/left to scroll images or tap share button to share or bin button to delete (note: before deleting, confirmation will appear)
    3. in single image view tap magnifier icon to open image in fullscreen

      1. in image fullscreen mode use pinch or unpinch to zoom in or out, use pan gesture to scroll zoomed image left/right, up/down
  8. tap arrow in header to return to previous view

Note: Taken pictures are saved into DCIM/PhoneCameraRemote folder on phone Note: Taken pictures are auto rotated to match gear preview rotation

Available flash modes depend on your phone. Flash modes possible:

  • auto
  • on
  • red eye
  • torch (turns on if flash is on in video taking mode)
  • off

Available focus modes depend on your phone. Focus modes possible:

  • auto
  • infinity
  • macro
  • continuous
  • fixed
  • edof

Please note that rear camera may have only one flash or focus mode available. In this case flash or focus buttons wont be shown.

For faster picture taking please use infinity, continuous or fixed focus mode

*Available scene modes and color effects depend on phone model

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