Note ☄️

In the true spirit of this Hackathon, just as arcade developers used to create games with limited processing and storage capabilities, we created the entire project in just under 2mb, and it can run on virtually any device with a gyroscope.

Inspiration 🕹️

We used to love Atari's Asteroids so we though, "Why not give it a new life?"

So we did what any hardcore fan would do. We turned a 2D Asteroids game into a 3D AR experience! Complete with realistic game physics and space themed artworks!

What it does 🎮

It's a Snapchat lens that transports you into the world of Asteroids.

  • You can move around in your room navigating your Spaceship through asteroids and destroying them using your shield.
  • Use our 3D mini-map to keep track of your enemies.
  • Use the mini-cam to always keep an eye on your spaceship, even when you are moving around.
  • If you loose your spaceship, you can reset the gyroscope using the reset camera button.

And the best part is that there's no additional download required to enjoy our game. Just scan the Snapcode from snapchat and you'll be good to go.

How we built it 🚀

The lens was built leveraging the capabilities of lens studio.

All of the 3D objects were made using blender. We modeled multiple spaceships and asteroids in blender before settling on a few that we liked.

As Lens Studio has no physics library, we had to implement all the game physics and collisions system from scratch using vanilla Javascript. Moreover, all the controls, powerups and animations were created from scratch.

We also implemented features such as mini-map, mini-cam and gyroscope reset for easier gameplay.

Challenges we ran into 👾

We experimented a lot with every element in the lens. At first, it was difficult to keep track of a moving spaceship in 3D space so we added a minicam.

Next, The asteroids were moving too fast and it was difficult to guess from where they'll come to attack so we added a mini-map to keep track of asteroids and player.

We wanted the game to be as realistic as possible so we added elements such as gravity, collisions and implemented the entire game physics from scratch.

For some low-end devices, the gyroscope caused issues due to constant motion of phone so we added a mechanism to reset the gyroscope without loosing any game state.

Lastly, we had to do this while keeping our assets under 4mb (Standard limit for snapchat lenses).

Accomplishments that we're proud of 👨‍🚀

We are proud to have made this complicated AR lens with so many elements in just under 2mb.

What we learned 🌌

  • 3D modeling.
  • Astronomy
  • Game physics

What's next for Phoenix 🛸

More levels!

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