In Germany, 300 thousands of specialised caregives have to invest daily 2 hours of their work in order to document the activities that they are doing with the residents of the nursing homes. This is due to the regulatory requirements that mandate that documentation, and the reviewing organisations that are in charge of assessing the quality of services delivered.

What it does

Instead of writing papers, or typing on PC, the same data is collected with IOT devices and automatically delivered to the database. A simple user interface allows nursing home manager and regulatory authorities to verify. Through use of digital signature, no data can be "faked" and therefore even the quality of service beinig improved

How we built it

Using FHIR as semantic representation layer allows to reuse existing components and rapid prototype yet wiith scalabilitiy and maintainabilitiy included. Therefore we reused the approach developed for the #wirvsvirus hackaton of embedded IOT with FHIR,, the public FHIR database, and are going to extend that with a FHIR UI reusing the available open source one from A first prototype of the front end is implemented using

Challenges we ran into

Extremely little time available for proper implementation and for connecting with wider audience of stakeholders.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Quickly established trust relation between problem "owner" and technology provider. Very high reusability of existing approaches.

What we learned

The high bureaucratic need of nursing homes, the great impact that FHIR and IOT technology can give to practical society problems.

What's next for Intelligente Pflegeheim : Zeit mit Bewohner/Innen statt PC

Acceptance required by various stakeholders is needed:

  • regulatory organisations
  • device manufacturers
  • software companies

Additionally, it could also be expanded to mobile-pflegedienste that with the exception of Heimordnungsgesetz have the same documentation requirements ! (last minute contribution )

Built With

  • fhiir
  • iot
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posted an update

Just found that a voice-based approach has just been supported to address that need, by the HPI . I claim that IoT is even better than voice-based or at least could nicely integrate with it :-)

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posted an update

Using Alessandro Savoia's terms, this work has been a "PRETOTYPE" . That means, a way to see if the solution would be built right - if people will buy it and use it - with very little effort. I am now looking forward to collect "YODA" (Your own data) namely see if market is really ready for the "FHIR IOT Button" and "FHIR IOT Analytics". Also looking for investors.

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posted an update

The Jury of #CAREhacktCORONA has decided to give our solution the prices for the following categories

  • Pflege (partnership with ELFIN care)
  • Startup/Business model (partnership with Startup-BW) I am very grateful and appreciate the positive feedback and hope this project could really contribute to improvement of the quality of life of the personnel and of the residents in the nurse homes.

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