Petey, Jump!

In a world full of Peteys, who will train them all? It's up to you to mentor the Peteys and win the Spirit award at DCON!

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Special Thanks

Thanks to Winnie Lam and Janine Carpena for working on the graphics for this project.

Meet the Trainers!

Play as one of these characters!

  • Arthur, Computer Science . I'm from UCI Circle K.
  • Janine, Computer Game Science . I'm not a big, but I'm 3 letters short of a little.
  • Winnie, Biological Sciences . I'm always doing things.

Collect them all!

There are multiple Peteys to train! Will you train them all?

Game Features!

  • Unlock Achievements! Unlock badges and achievements as you progress through the game! Can you collect them all?
  • Special Appearances! Meet special familiar faces in random game events!
  • Secrets to the Game? Can you figure out the secrets to this game?

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