This app was developed as a proof of concept. It was inspired by a roommate who enjoyed flipping through for pets but found the layout frustrating on a phone. A conversation later and inspired by swipe cards popularized by dating apps, an idea was born.

While functional, it is still in development and has not been thoroughly tested for security. Therefore please use throwaway login/password info while testing. Do not reuse important login credentials from gmail/facebook, banking sites, etc.

User Overview

PetFriendly is an application that helps people quickly browse and save nearby pets available for adoption. For the best experience please view on a mobile phone or touch enabled device. If using on a desktop the user should adjust the window size to be smaller and be prepared for limited mouse/keyboard navigation.

How it works

Upon registering user enters zip code and is taken to options tab to specify the type of pet they would like to see in match results. Zip code can be updated at any time. It is required for matching to work.

User can click picture of the pet for additional pictures (if available) and click on 'Show Description' for additional info, adoption contact details and a link to petfinder. They can touch 'Yes' or swipe right on the picture to save to a favorites list. Touching 'No' or swiping left will remove the pet from showing in the app again.

Pets can be deleted from favorites list. They will not be shown again in the match view. A future feature will allow user to see pets they have previously declined.

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