My Inspiration:

I love Quizlet and I always dreamed of an effortless way to incorporate it throughout my day.

What it does:

You connect to your Quizlet account via your Quizlet phone app. You set the times you don't want Pebble Study to bother you, for example class time. You set how many flashcard you want to see throughout that day. And lastly, you choose weather you want to see all of flashcards in the queue or only ones you select. Pebble Study will then vibrate at random times throughout the day and show you the content side of a flashcard and when you select with the middle button it will show you the term associated. Easy study on the go.

How I built it:

I used Javascript on Cloud Pebble. I also incorporated the Quizlet API

Challenges I ran into:

I had trouble figuring out the URI for the cloud pebble program

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

I am proud that I got something to display on the Pebble screen

What I learned:

I learned that programming is really hard but in the end very rewarding to see what you have dreamed up come to life. I also learned how to use Cloud Pebble which was great because there were no downloads necessary.

What's next for Pebble Study:

I would like for Pebble Study to be more than just a flashcard app. I would like it to give you multiple choice answers and allow you to choose one and tell you weather you were wrong or right. I would also like it to keep track of those that you got wrong the most and ask you those questions more often.

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