Me, as a woman, taking uber or lyft at night is sometimes extremely intimidating. A lot of females feel unsafe carpooling or ride-sharing in general. Especially when the driver or a ride sharer is a male, this could cause a danger to females. This is a problem for female drivers as well. They could feel threatened or unsafe by taking male users. I wanted to create an app that could eliminate this danger and help women to feel safer in traveling and also contribute to the environment by increasing the use of ride-sharing.

What it does

This app connects women who want to provide ride-sharing and who want ride-sharing. Anyone can provide rideshare or request one. People can obtain ride-points by providing ride-shares to others and they can use these points to request rides. If the user obtains a lot of points, they can sell it and people can also buy these points from the application. This system will encourage users to provide rides to others and prevent users from becoming drivers that only seek revenue.

Users can communicate with each other and make appointments for future rides as well.

It will boost more female drivers and riders to share rides with others and will contribute to mitigating the traffic in city areas and would eventually alleviate air pollution and better the world's environment.

How I built it

I used the Mock Flow wireframe to generate the model of this application.

What's next for Pearl Pool

I want to obtain sponsorships from environmental organizations. Another goal is to generate a system where users can make a contract and become semi-permanent carpooling mates. I eventually want to create and commercialize the actual application.

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