In Russia, each house is managed by either a special management company or by it's homeowners. Management companies usually are not so good as they should be and nowadays many people change their management company to the way when they manage the house on their own. Let's call that way "homeowner partnership". In case of partnership, homeowners should elect a head of the partnership and committee from the homeowners, than committee hire employees such as accounting, labours etc, who do the actual work. All further decisions are made only by voting of all homeowners and only in case of 51% "yes".

The Problem

Russian Federation Rules related to homeowner partnerships says that the partnership cannot collect any amount of money to hold on a bank account. The partnership can charge the homeowners only in the end of a month after the fact they used some kind of services only.

It leads us to a big problem when something bad happened. Let's say, we have roof leaks. In this case we must collect the money to fix the problem and we can only do so through the meeting and collective decision making by voting. So, we must announce a meeting of homeowners. The announcement have to be at least two weeks before the meeting. There should be at least 51% of homeowners at the meeting and they should vote accordingly. If they decide that it's okay to collect the money, the homeowners will get the receipt at the end of the current month. Than, some day in the future they will pay.

It means 3 months have passed and we still have not collected the money to fix the roof! And this is true for anything, for each even really small issue. :(

In my case my house partnership uses a telegram chat as a default communication cannel, so every homeowner represented and can vote.

What it does

The bot allows the head of partnership to create a survey. In the survey, in case if a homeowner answer yes, bot provides a mandatory form thru which the homeowner instantly transfer money to fix the problem to the partnership's bank account. When a homeowner votes yes, we hold the money on their bank account, and if at the end of the survey we have more then 51% "yes" we actually charge them.

How we built it

Telegram + Bot API + C#

Challenges we ran into

Most of the time we tried to find a real problem, spec it out, find existing solutions, and if there is nothing, start implementing it. So, we started a few hours ago :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We found a lot of small and big issues and existed tools to solve them. We are proud of the depth of the discussion and consideration of the problems of even smallest but critical psychological aspects of using the product.

What we learned

How to work in a team.

What's next for PayBot

We are going to use it for our homeowner partnership.

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