A contact less way to pay at Drive Thru by tapping app on phone to authorize payment from NFC card attached to Car I was getting my coffee this AM at local McDonalds. Going thru Drive Thru, I could either pay with cash (& get back change in coins) or pay with Credit Card for very small purchase (ie, 64c). Coins are contagious! Rather than do all this, why can't I affix a sticker or label (with RFID or NFC tags) to my windshield and have POS system collect payment data from my Card? This would be faster, more convenient and due to contact less payment, be more safe & hygenic!

What it does

Collects payment from me for Food & micropayments via stored card system

How I built it

Built a similar one for Synapse Florida Hackathon (won 1st prize in 2018) for Metro Development Group.

Challenges I ran into

Bootrapping, lack of resources, lack of skillsets, lack of bandwidth.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Assembled an exceptional team to compete with Giant Indian IT firms (eg, TCS, HCL & Mindtree, etc)

What I learned

One must have time & resources to make a marketable product

What's next for Pay from Car via Zappy App

Find Hardware & Software developer (Full stack, preferably) & develop IoT app with Raspberry Pi

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